How to kill your Pastor

crime-64067Tyler Saldaña hat einen Beitrag veröffentlicht, wie man am besten seinen Pastor „killt“.

  1. Criticize them. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that our tongue has the power of life and death. Instead of encouraging your pastor who probably works more hours than any other person you know for far less compensation than they deserve, while carrying the mental and emotional burdens of all whom they shepherd, why not use your words to criticize every single thing that they do?
  2. Expect a lot from them. I recently walked into a position that, to be brief, has countless traditions and habits, some good and some not so good. For many leaders, these expectations can be overbearing, distracting and draining to say the least. I know many in ministry who have found these expectations to be unbearable and spiritually crushing. Instead of just expecting them to preach the bible, make disciples, shepherd and love people, why not quench your pastor’s passion, vision and creativity by expecting that they fill a hole that isn’t their size?
  3. Demand for him to be Jesus. If he isn’t perfect, crucify him. Oh wait, they did that to our perfect Jesus, too, didn’t they? The bottom line is this: demand him to be a sinless person. If they’re anything short of perfection, get rid of them.
  4. Voice your dissatisfactions to everyone. I’m pretty sure that James refers to this as gossip but it’s okay; it’ll be our little secret. Tell your kids over dinner. Share it with your friends at the coffee shop. Post it all over their Facebook. Start a small group that meets to discuss the dissatisfaction that each of you have with your pastor. The more people that you get involved, the more your pastor’s leadership will diminish.
  5. Make them work more hours than there are in a week. Countless early mornings and late nights, ministry meetings and events, retreats and camps. If you can think of any more ways to ensure that your pastor works more hours than the average full-time employee, do it.
  6. Pay them next to nothing. Require at minimum a bachelor’s and master’s degree from them, acquiring for them at least six figures in debt. Then, offer them a salary package that not only prohibits them from actually living in the city that you’ve asked them to minister in, but also forces them to struggle paying the debt that they accrued for themselves by seeking to meet your education requirements.
  7. Don’t give them a mentor. Every leader needs affirmation, development and accountability amongst others. Deprive them of that.
  8. Withhold grace. If they mess up, don’t treat them the way that God treats us. Scold them. Remind them how jacked up they are. Make sure they never forget their mistakes.
  9. Strip them from their families. God calls them to be spouses and parents before they are called to be pastors; make sure that their schedule interferes with every possible time that they could interact and spend time with their spouse and family. If they haven’t seen their spouse all week, make sure their calendar is full. If their kid has a soccer game or recital, make sure they’ve got a meeting.
  10. Don’t consider their feelings at all. Yes, they are created in God’s image. Yes, they are your sibling in Christ. But not, you shouldn’t treat them that way. Their feelings should have no value nor consideration when it comes to how you treat your pastor.

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