Die Jungfrauengeburt bei N.T. Wright

the-annunciation-1125149_1920Die Jungfrauengeburt ist ein Ärgernis für viele Menschen.
Sie widerspricht dem Denkrahmen des Rationalismus und innerhalb von diesem Rahmen bewegen sich die meisten Anfragen. Der anglikanische Theologe N.T. Wright schreibt dazu:

Let’s begin with the obvious point. The story makes it clear that Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb before she had had any sexual relations. Many people today find this impossible to believe, but they often think that this difficulty has only arisen in modern times, because of all we now know about the precise mechanics of conception and birth. Not so. The ancient world didn’t know about X chromosomes and Y chromosomes, but they knew as well as we do that babies were the result of sexual intercourse, and that people who claimed to be pregnant by other means might well be covering up a moral and social offence. […]
They are simply reporting that Jesus did not have a father in the ordinary way, and that this was because Mary had been given special grace to be the mother of God’s incarnate self.[…]
Perhaps some of the fuss and bother about whether Mary could have conceived Jesus without a human father is because, deep down, we don’t want to think that there might be a king who could claim this sort of absolute allegiance?

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